Google Data Studio Report
Why use google data studio?

Google Data studio will help you see the bigger picture. For example if you want to see who are your customers or your visitor in one single page report. If you want to post on facebook, or do remarketing campaigns, when is the write time to boost our comercial, when your customers are going to buy from your and what are the best hours to expect higher conversions.Google Data Studio Report

How can you deploy your Google Data Studio?

First you need Analytics and Search console up and running, because there is our data.

Then you start to work on your data studio template, you can find lots of templates here.

You can set your data range on auto or leave it how you found it in your template.

You can squedule to arrive on email, every month or week, to see all the data important for your business and make the right decisions for your campaigns.

If you want a custom template and you need our help, just drop us a line here.