How much do I have to spend on SEO?
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How much to spend on SEO has become the number 1 question in SEO. Let’s see the factors that establish the cost of doing SEO.

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How much to spend on SEO in 2019?

  • Best keywords that you can rank and reach your goals

    Many keywords don’t drive conversions because they are used to find information and we have to focus on those that will convert.
    Lower your keywords for those that count for your business hence hike in SERP and also lower your spend on SEO.

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  • Content with wide distribution

    Backlinks that are coming from known sites with large DA (Domain Authority). Focus on those sites that are relevant to your industry and gain highquality Outbound links that determine the value of your content.

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  • Technical SEO

    If your site needs some adjustments and the agency can make them or let your provider implement them. It’s better to choose the right platform that gives you from the start all the must-have requirements for Search Engines.

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  • Monitor changes

    We have to use the latest monitor programs available for the best results. After implementing all the given recommendations you still have to test it, see if the technical problem is solved or your content will stand above the competition.


Of course, we can check to see which keywords are most important and valued for your business and can get the most ROI out of them.

You have to bring value to your customers. You have to write great articles.

*Note that prices don’t reflect the real market prices. This can depend on the niche and the readers of that site.

Now you know what to take in consideration when you want to establish the SEO budget.